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Terms and Conditions

Thank You for choosing to work with Metro Gunite for your project. We strive to provide our customers Professional On-Time Quality Work every time. The Terms & Agreement in this document helps to set clear expectations on how we can work together effectively and succeed on all Your projects. Your Project Leader, Luis Vieira is a good point of contact as we work together 716-3378. If at any time you need to contact our offices, please email us at


PERMITS – All permits or applicable certificates for any construction work should be handled by the owner or General Contractor.


LIABILITY AND INSURANCE – We carry all necessary liability insurance and everyone employed by our company on your site is covered by Worker’s Compensation Insurance. Please email or your project leader for any insurance or tax information you may need.


We kindly request that all areas around your project are covered, moved, and/or protected to avoid any damage during the installation. We provide and install Poly Sheeting to block areas from overspray, leakage and dust, and your cooperation is much appreciated.


We use large trucks to deliver our materials during the installation. We recommend having a pre-shoot conference with the purpose to clarify the project specifications, staging area for equipment and delivery trucks as well as access to water and electricity. We recommend this conference take place at least 24 hours prior to delivery and installation. To schedule a pre-shoot conference, please contact your Project Leader.


In the event of any damage, please let us know immediately! Your Project Leader and one of our members will be in contact.


SCHEDULING AND STANDARD TERMS – Projects are placed on the schedule when we receive official notice from your company’s representative via text message and/or email. A scheduled job is a job that is ready for the installation of Gunite and; has passed all required pertaining inspections; has steel reinforcement installed and properly secured; is completely framed and all accessories properly installed and secured; any standing water has been pumped out. The scheduled job also must have water and electricity available, otherwise please let us know as soon as possible to arrange alternative methods. Failure to provide a scheduled job ready for installation that results on a cancellation at the jobsite will incur additional charges including but not limited to job cancellation charges. Our installation price assumes normal day-time, weekday business hours with normal working conditions. We can accommodate hours or weekends with a premium.


DUST – We use the best Gunite installers in our area and the most advanced Gunite equipment currently available. We strive to keep all the material within the working area although some material escapes our area. We like to work Neat, Clean, and Organized – but construction is a messy business. If you have opened windows or doors, we recommend you close them during installation. Also, we recommend all outdoor furniture, accessories, grills, etc. to be covered or removed while we work. If you require assistance in covering any areas, please let us know… we always carry extra Poly Sheeting with us!


CHANGES TO WORK – Unless otherwise noted, proposals and scheduled jobs are based upon the submission of your approved plans, whereas the design, measurements, and features are clearly displayed on the plans. If there are changes to the plans or additional work is to be done while we are on-site beyond the submitted plans scope of work, this addition or change to the work will have to be verified and acknowledged in writing prior to continuing the work and will be billed at the end of the project.


REPAIRS – Unless noted on the proposal, an estimated repair budget for repairs such as patching, cutting extrusions, filling cracks or joints, or any additional repair or preparation work needed is to be carried by Metro Gunite. Unless noted, we will keep track of our time and material and bill accordingly. Metro Gunite has a default Minimum Charge, please verify with your Project Leader.


WARRANTY – We offer a full 1 year warranty all-inclusive warranty on installation. This warranty is for any Metro Gunite installation. All work done is done in Gunite, we cannot change the inherent concrete characteristics of slab movement, shrinkage, cracking, curling, or scaling. Yes, Gunite concrete can move, shrink, and is prone to cracking. Gunite concrete creates a strong and durable system, but it is not indestructible. Our warranty covers our installation, and materials are covered by the specified manufacturers. Our installation warranty is up to what is required under that agreement, typically 1-year.


CARE AND MAINTENANCE – We rough-finish the surfaces upon completion so that the plaster, epoxy or cementitious finishes can better adhere to the Gunite. It is recommended to keep the Gunite hydrated during warmer weather by simply soaking water on it twice daily for the first couple of weeks. Gunite concrete continues to gain strength for the rest of its life but the first 28 days are the most crucial in achieving higher strengths. Protect it from frost by covering and keeping above freezing temperatures and hydrate it during normal warmer temperatures by misting water.


PAYMENT – We accept checks, ACH, Cash, and all major credit cards for your convenience. Please contact your project leader and/or our offices for merchant fees associated with payments or general payment questions. Merchant fees vary with credit card type, rewards, and are beyond our control. We are only concerned with recovering the merchant fees and no additional processing fees or administrative fees are charged. We typically calculate 3% on top of the total to cover for merchant fees. For more information please contact your project leader. Invoices are drafted within two to three business days, all payments are due upon receipt of invoice. Failure to perform payment or promptly pay invoice(s) may result into: service suspension until payment goes through; Implementation of late fees; Collection fees associated with our lawyer’s firm. All disputes to be resolved in Fairfax County Circuit Court and legal efforts collecting funds may incur in reasonable attorney fees.

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